Do you need a cool resource to get you students excited about writing? Have you ever thought about using a newspaper-based lesson to demonstrate writing across curriculum but did not have the time or energy to set up the necessary templates? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, click here to visit our trusted partner site for more information. You'll be glad you did!
Coolteacherz is dedicated to the 21st century educator. As the demands on educators increase, time and funding do not. Time for educators is at a premium, as expectations for teachers and students are at an all-time high. Meetings, duties, conferences, and attention to behavioral issues are among the competitors for an educator's instructional planning time or worse, time that should be spent with one's own family. In spite of this, many educators strive to meet the educational needs of their students while simultaneously expecting high standards of achievement, academically, behaviorally, and socially. is intended to be a resource for educators as they grapple with the lack of time required for planning lessons that engage and educate today's students. Coolteachez specializes in short educational videos centered around different topics in the English and language arts curriculum. Samples of our videos are located on the "Videos" page. The full length videos, for sale in our online store, contain a four to seven minute video, followed by a short, five question video quiz, administered by one of the characters in the video. The quiz offers a quick assessment of the material covered in the video and is often used as an exit ticket. These videos can be used in elementary, middle, and high school and can be a tremendous tool for reaching students at varying levels of ability, including ESL and students with special needs. The videos can introduce a lesson or provide a quick review. Coolteacherz has several new projects in production. Visit often to keep up to date with our inventory.

In addition to the educational videos, will soon provide a number of PowerPoint presentations to enhance instruction. Many of the PowerPoint presentations will be available for free download on the "PowerPoints" page of this website.

In appreciation for visiting our site, we have a special video available for free download. Please visit our Video page and download, "The Language Within." Other videos are available for sale in our store.
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